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What is Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a deep tissue massage applied to create the optimum conditions for the body’s return to normal health post injury. It is applied to treat strains, sprains, broken bones, bruising, any injury where the skin is intact.

Remedial massage removes blockages, damaged cells, scar tissue and adhesions left after injury, speeds up recovery and encourages more complete healing. Remedial massage is effective for conditions created by lifestyle, for example, repetitive strain injury and back pain.

Remedial massage has particular success with long-standing back and compound injuries that have resisted previous treatment attempts. Once a serious injury is healed, further treatment is only needed if another injury is sustained. Sportsmen and women attend regularly to ensure that unnoticeably small injuries are treated before they reduce performance and become debilitating.

What Can Remedial massage can assist with

  • Achilles and hamstring injuries
  • Shin splints
  • Groin strain
  • Cartlidge damage
  • Tennis elbow
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Scar tissue and adhesions
  • Whiplash
  • Tendinitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Repetitive strain injury

Find out more about Remedial Massage Carlton

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Remedial Massage CarltonPhysical activities are something that everyone looks for and do on a regular basis. Modern life’s stresses might make it tough to unwind and relax. Our expert massage therapists at Melbourne Clinical Masseurs give great remedial massage Carlton Melbourne that employs gentle and rhythmic motions to melt away any stress and discomfort you may be feeling. This massage is important for people suffering from injury and its aftermath.

Melbourne Clinical Masseurs

We are experts in providing deep tissue massage that brings back the human body to normal health. You are sure to get comfort, freedom from strain, and heal from the pain of broken bones. Apart from that, our remedial massage ensures you heal quickly from any other injury involving skin or body tissues.

Remedial Massage Therapist Melbourne

To get healed from scar tissues due to injury or other reasons, you should get an appointment with remedial massage therapist Melbourne. Health data points out that our remedial massage successfully removes blockages and adhesion conditions post injury. The remedial massage ensures that damaged cells are no longer present in your body.

You will experience quick recovery right from the first session as the massage will inject positive energy and enthusiasm into your body. If your lifestyle is too much dull and you hate physical activities, our remedial massage therapist will put forth zeal and confidence. So, any back pain or strain due to injury will be a story of the past.

Remedial Massage Carlton for Sports Persons

Remedial massage Carlton is especially effective for long-term back and complex problems that have nullified earlier treatment attempts. After the initial recovery from a significant injury has healed, ongoing care should be left at the hands of experts. Sportsmen and women pay visits for remedial massage to heal from strains and minor injuries. This is to ensure that their body is ready to take on new challenges with proven results. For sports persons, Melbourne Clinical Masseurs offer more mobility and more range of motion.

What is the Difference between a Therapeutic Massage and a Remedial Massage?

The majority of the people didn’t consider the difference between a therapeutic massage and a remedial massage. A therapeutic massage is more about treating winter depression only, whereas the remedial massage is more specific to the current issue. A remedial therapist assesses the problem in more detail through special tests, range of motion testing along with other reports. These tests and results help determine the focus on a specific area, muscle or tissue. We place the actual plan but efforts to implement and execute it. The response of the client to that treatment helps us decide to stick with that plan or to alter it as per the situation.

Cure Your Musculoskeletal Issues with Remedial Massage Therapist Melbourne

Remedial Massage Therapist Melbourne can treat a whole range of varying musculoskeletal issues. This mainly involves postural imbalances and sporting injuries etc. We have a successful track record of working with differently abled people and with elderly people. Our remedial therapists are also famous among children for helping them with stress, strain, and recovery from injury.

So a whole range of various ailments in and around a posture, as we mentioned before. It may be any injury due to your involvement in physical activities or due to the routine with no physical activity at all. Being able to connect with other humans is so underrated in the modern lifestyle. The current lifestyle in human history where that detachment from each other has become well a critical part. What we need to do as a survival mechanism is an amazing thing to see how critical it is to bring that back.

Remedial Massage for Achilles and hamstring injuries

Our therapists perform massage to Achilles like a normal remedial massage with an effleurage technique. The idea is to spread oil and start to warm up the tissue. It’s normal to work on the entire calf muscles initially. Part of the cause of the injury may be calf tightness and so working on the calf muscles may be healing for you.

To start work more specifically on the Achilles tendon, we apply transverse mobilizations with the first finger of one hand and the thumb of the other hand. Alternate applying the transverse pressure; this pulls the tendon across one way. The other next process is to go deeper into the tendon by stripping. It works from the attachment point at the heel upside towards the calf muscles. Here therapist applies deeper pressure.

Circular Frictions for Achilles

Depending on the situation, our therapist can also apply circular frictions. These are especially useful in case you have nodules in the tendon. The finishing with effleurage helps drain away any waste products and prevent blood pooling in the limb.

Melbourne Remedial MassageMelbourne Remedial Massage to treat Shin splints

Shin splints could be the worst nightmare for any runner or athletic person. This situation is also famous as medial tibial stress syndrome. You may be a victim of Shin splints in case you are too excited about physical activities with overdose. The cause may be overpronation while running, improper shoes or abnormal running patterns. Further, the weak and tight muscles of your lower leg could also be a cause. Melbourne remedial massage can help you cure this.

How to Cure Shin Splints?

Melbourne remedial massage or deep tissue massage is the solution for shin splints over foam rolling or static stretching. The reason is that remedial massage therapist Melbourne can isolate and target the deeper muscles more effectively. Our therapists not only do remedial massage but also use myotherapy to stretch the muscle. Here the deep, transverse friction is also an effective way to release tightness. The trigger point therapy is yet another option to reduce scar tissue build-up, while the light massage is beneficial to increase blood and lymph circulation, and fascial release methods can be used to loosen the fascial sheaths around the calf muscles.

Remedial Massage for Cartilage Damage or Knee Joint

Do not attempt to massage your knee joint by yourself or by a quack. Therapists at Melbourne Clinical Masseurs check for contraindications. A contraindication is a specific circumstance in which medicine, operation, or surgery is avoided because it could have implications for the individual. The knee joint lacks muscle tissues and isn’t a favourable place for a massage. We have a couple of methods that are best for general injury prevention type massage.

Small Circular Frictions

Small circular frictions are a way to apply massage to the knee joint and to heal from cartilage damage. This targets the sides of the knee joint and patella. This is helpful in reducing any chronic oedema pain and in massaging tendons around the knee.

Remedial Massage Therapist MelbourneCross Frictions

The next procedure involves cross friction for the patellar tendon or ligament. It is also known as bending the knee to put the tendon on the stretch to apply the cross friction massage with the thumb. This is helpful in treating chronic patellar tendon-type injuries. So we can help you heal from a jumpers knee injury.

Frozen Shoulder

The frozen shoulder situation can cause a severe lack of abduction and external rotation. The remedial massage for frozen shoulder targets breaks adhesions and improves mobility. The main aim is to improve the elasticity of the ligaments and the capsules that are attached to the glenoid labrum.

Plantar Fasciitis

There are a number of ways to treat and heal from plantar fasciitis. The plantar fasciitis phase one is when you have acute pain. Here the role of a therapist is to protect your foot and reduce foot pain and inflammation. The therapist will take the big toe, gently flex it and apply light massage and increase the intensity through the plantar fasciitis. The therapist will take your big toe into further range as it releases. This may be repeated twice or thrice.

In terms of mobility, we want to get some length in the calf and the posterior chain. So we’ll do a sustain cause stretch. The stretching calf stretching involves knee bent and straight leg calf stretch. Neural flossing is the mobilizing of the nervous tissue and system.

Solace Wall Technique for Plantar Fasciitis

The solace wall technique involves sitting against the wall and sliding down. When you’re in a comfortable position, raise your heels from the floor and push through your big toe. It could be beneficial to hold this position for 30 seconds, progressing up to one minute.

Further, we also treat the following listed issues with remedial massage:

  • Scar tissue and adhesions
  • Whiplash
  • Tendinitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Repetitive strain injury

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