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Eliminate Active Trigger Points with Dry Needling Melbourne

What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a technique often advocated for the elimination of active trigger points. Dry needling is an effective way to deactivate trigger points in taut muscle bands found in chronic musculoskeletal pain syndromes.

Acupuncture needles (Myotherapy pins) may be used and inserted perpendicularly through the skin down on to the tender, palpable taut band. There is increased resistance to the needle in the area of the trigger point compared to the surrounding normal muscle.

When the needle makes contact with the trigger point, the patient feels an acute pain of varying intensity at the site of injection, in the area of pain referral or both. More often, a twitch response will occur in the muscle when contact is made.

Dry needling of a number of trigger points can be done at each treatment session. Up to three or four treatment sessions may be required initially to eliminate the trigger point.

Following dry needling there will be some residual local pain and tenderness. If the needling has elicited a painful response, then a heat pack is applied to the area for 10-15 minutes after the treatment.

Dry needling is both efficient and safe. The technique is used to effectively treat both acute and chronic orthopeadic and musculoskeletal conditions. It is not uncommon for patients to report a reduction in pain and improved flexibility after just one treatment.

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dry needling melbourneWhen you talk about dry needling Melbourne, it is an invasive procedure to heal people from pain. This pain healing is the method in which a solid filament needle (a slender threadlike needle) enters the skin and muscle. The therapist will enter the needle directly at a myofascial trigger point. A myofascial trigger point consists of a number of contraction knots within tissues. These points are the root cause that generates the pain cycle and maintains it for quite a long time. Melbourne Clinical Masseurs helps its clients to recover from Tautness, Tenderness and Active Trigger Points by Dry Needling.

Origin of Dry Needling

Janet G. Travell is the earliest known person to define dry needling. In 1983, she distinguished between two hypodermic needle procedures while administering trigger point treatment. The modern-day dry needling techniques rely on traditional and western medical acupuncture. The two techniques by Travell include the mechanical use of a hypodermic needle and injection of a local anaesthetic.

Importance and Benefits of Quality Healthy Life

The worth of a healthy living routine is not simply reflected in some numerical data on the scale or the blood pressure cuff. Research shows that it may also be quantified in terms of enhanced health-related quality of life. Participation of people in community activities is helpful to remain active, healthy, and fit. Further, to get immediate results, or if you are still struggling to heal from pain, you need to visit our clinic for quick relief. Our therapists will examine your case individually and will recommend you result-oriented treatment.

What is different between Dry Needling Melbourne and Acupuncture?

Dry needling isn’t the same as acupuncture; rather, it is an aspect of traditional Chinese medicine. So acupuncture is about the metaphysical theory of normalizing energy flow in the body. Dry needling is a European medical technique that relies on scientific studies and knowledge.

While acupuncture is governed by the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia’s regulatory framework, dry needling is not. In order to clear energetic blockages and increase endorphin production to relieve pain, acupuncture needles are put into particular energy points or meridians. By putting the needles into muscle trigger points, dry needling helps to reduce muscle stiffness and spasms while also increasing flexibility.

What is Common between Dry Needling and Acupuncture?

Although both methods involve superficially inserting needles under the skin, the technique, result, and indications vary between the two.

It is best to speak with a specialist before beginning any medical therapy if you want to learn more about “What is the difference between dry needling and acupuncture” and which strategy could improve your problem. For an appointment, kindly reach out to Melbourne Clinical Masseurs.

Location of Trigger Point

We target points known as Trigger Points. It is critical to note that the trigger point isn’t the same location where you are feeling pain. In case you feel neck or shoulder pain, you will feel tenderness at the distal muscle site. The same is the case when you feel knee pain; you have muscle tenderness over your hamstring area. The trigger point is nothing but a knot in the middle of a muscle which is painful upon contraction and stretch of muscle to the distal side. This refers pain to in the distal site, so it pains locally in muscle. Some medical experts may take it as joint or nerve pain by misjudging it.

These trigger points are specifically targeted by these dry needles. So what these dry needles are? They are monofilament needles, something like acupuncture needles. We use these needles to penetrate the muscle which is harbouring the trigger point.

How Does Dry Needling Melbourne Work?

Dry needling Melbourne works like in so many mechanisms. The common mechanism is three, local, mechanical, chemical and central neural. So, these are the three ways in which the dry needling works. When the needle is poked in the muscle, which is tight, the needle will cause a mechanical loosening effect. Thereby, it allows the muscles to contract normally. Sometimes the results are very instantaneous, while sometimes, it may take one or two days to get the complete cure. It depends on the chronicity of the condition as well.

Secondly, the needles which are poked inside will dry in all the pain-creating chemicals. So it is these chemicals that cause the chemical pain. Once these chemicals are not in your body, you will start feeling the magic of dry needling physio Melbourne.

Thirdly the needles can stimulate the brain to release the chemicals like endorphins and encephalins. This phenomenon resembles descending pain control. So thereby, these needles help in the reduction of pain by these three mechanisms. This is the effect of dry needling, which you can experience at Melbourne Clinical Masseurs.

Now, the question is can we do it on the muscles or onto the bone as well. Physio experts at our clinic can do on the muscles generally. Sometimes we do on the ligament when the ligaments are not healing for a long period of time after the initial sprain. We can do the needling for the ligament for fresh healing. We do on the tendons like penalty tendonitis or Achilles tendonitis. We do treatments of tendons in that way.

There are an array of conditions that can be treated by dry needling ranging from headache to heel pain. So there are some muscles that can cause headaches, and the trapezius can cause a headache as well. So we can easily treat your body pain with dry needling treatment.

Cervicogenic headaches can very well be treated by dry needling. All the conditions wherever muscles are involved, myofascial structures are involved, dry needling is a certain option for the followings:

  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Cervical Spondylosis
  • Discogenic Pain
  • Arthritic Pain
  • Heel Pain Syndrome
  • Sports Injuries

Dry Needling is not very old; however, due to its effectiveness, it is very famous in other countries. It is coming up in Australia quickly as people are getting good benefits from it. It is indeed a wonderful treatment that anyone can get.

Australian Research on Massage Treatment

Remedial massage, sports massage, shiatsu, and reflexology are all types of massage treatments. Massage treatment was also proven to increase the well-being of those with chronic conditions, according to the survey.

Do you aware of the fact that massage treatment is fruitful in treating non-acute lower-back pain. This has been proven by an Australian assessment of 740 worldwide research conducted over the last 30 years.

Dry Needling Physio Melbourne

Can Dry Needling Physio Melbourne Reduce Stress?

Rest and relaxation are frequently missing in the modern way of living. Human bodies face a more state of chronic stress due to our constant movement, stimulation from devices, noise, and lighting. Humans can face anxiety due to emotion, overthinking and stress. A dry needling physio Melbourne can help you release that anxiety and stress.

What Anxiety is in Actual?

It’s challenging to control anxiety. Such mental stress is an illness with numerous physical and psychological symptoms. Symptoms of anxiety include poor sleep, nausea, palpitations or panic attacks, the tension in the body, back pain, and severe headaches.

The fact that makes it worse is that anxiety is a feeling of mental stress rather than a physical phenomenon. Because you can appear to be “normal,” it might be really difficult to express how you are feeling. Anxiety can be treated in a variety of ways, i.e. medication, psychological counselling and dry needling physio Melbourne.

Following are the ways dry needling Melbourne can help people suffering from Anxiety:

  • Affecting brain regions associated with pain, tension, and sensitivity. It has the ability to deactivate the ‘analytical brain,’ which is responsible for anxiety, and encourage relaxation.
  • Hormones and neurotransmitters, including serotonin, are regulated. The chemical condition of the brain has a significant impact on our moods and emotions.
  • Activating the parasympathetic nerve system, which is in charge of the body’s rest, repair, digestion, and recovery. Anxiety and stress are both sympathetic nervous system reactions.
  • Influencing the levels of inflammatory cytokines These are linked to anxiety
  • Reversing stress-induced metabolic alterations to calm the body

Do you feel pain in your body? Are you struggling due to Active Trigger Points in your body? Melbourne Clinical Masseurs uses proven medical techniques that help in resolving a wide range of human body disorders. We have Dry Needling experts at our clinic who are known for using it because it is safe and efficient.

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