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Lymphatic Drainage Massage by Lymphedema Physical Therapist

What is Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a modality that can have a profound effect on our health and wellbeing. Manually applied lymphatic drainage has been used in European hospital and clinics for a number of years, and is prescribed by doctors. Studies attesting to its efficacy through the work of scientific and medical specialists are numerous.

The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory apparatus of the body, a complex system of watery pathways found throughout the tissues. It provides the mechanism by which excess tissue fluid, which has escaped from the blood circulation, is eventually returned to the blood system.

Lymphatic drainage is specifically designed to stimulate and reactivate the functions of the lymphatic system. This then stimulates the production and transportation of immunocompetent cells, as well as reabsorption of excess fluid by the venous system.

The overall effect of lymphatic drainage in cleansing the lymphatic pathways is rejuvenating and energising. Immune system functions are boosted, making this an ideal therapy to incorporate as a preventative care option. The lymphatic drainage techniques also stimulate the actions of the para sympathetic nervous system, creating anti-pain and anti-spasm (or relaxation) effects. The techniques used are feather-light and specific in their manoeuvres to both nodes and lymphatic vessels, applied in a manner and pattern conforming to the natural circulatory directions of the lymphatic system.

What can Lymphatic Drainage can help with?

  • Detoxification and improved energy levels
  • Assistance with post surgery pain
  • Bruising and oedema
  • Stress
  • Congestive chest conditions
  • Headache
  • Chronic pain conditions
  • Sports injuries with associated oedemas

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage MelbourneWhen thinking about human health and wellness, researchers talk about strengthening muscles and building heart and lung endurance. This approach neglects the immune system, which is also a crucial thing to consider. The lymphatic system plays two major roles. It moves fluid from the affected area, which is down in your arms and legs up towards the heart. The second one is for a better immune system. Lymphatic drainage massage Melbourne is critical as it boosts the immune system to fight harmful bacteria, disease, and illness. Melbourne Clinical Masseurs helps its clients to have a better way of living with different wellness treatments.

For an active lifestyle, one should learn to support the lymphatic system with things like movement and lymphatic drainage massage. It is a good practice to allocate some time for some physical activities and to analyze your body to boost the immune and lymphatic systems.

What is the Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system is made up of a very complex system of lymphatic vessels and lymphatic nodes. It is also made up of a couple of organs, such as the spleen, the thymus, and the tonsils. It is a one-way system. So the heart pumps blood down through arteries to your arms, legs, and rest of the body. A portion of the fluid comes out of the blood, and that is lymph fluid. This is a clear fluid with proteins in it and is picked up by the lymphatic vessels and system. This fluid is then brought back to the heart.

The fluid goes through the lymph nodes to detox and filter for bacteria before it gets to the heart. If a person has a backup or dysfunction of the lymphatic system, i.e., something you were born with or if you had lymph nodes removed due to cancer or other treatment, the chances are you may have more of a backup of that system, which can lead to swelling throughout the body.

Lymph Drainage Massage Melbourne

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is beneficial for those who start feeling a cold coming on or have any allergy symptoms in the head or neck area. It is also great to work on your deep abdominal lymph nodes and vessels with massage and deep breathing.

The lymph drainage massage Melbourne can be around any body part, including the abdomen, arms, head, neck, face, chest, trunk area, etc., as the abdomen holds a lot of the lymph vessels and nodes as they play a key role in moving the fluid from different body parts.

Lymph Drainage Massage for Sinus Pressure, Allergy or Relief from Cold

If you are prone to attracting allergies or you feel a cold coming on, you are likely dealing with congestion, sinus pressure, and headaches. With these symptoms, when you visit a doctor, he will look for swelling in lymph nodes. In case the doctor finds any symptom of swelling, it means the lymphatic system is working really hard to throughout the bacteria and infection and help drain out the backed up system.

Lymphatic Massage MelbourneIn this case, the lymphatic massage Melbourne is helpful to stop forcing the illness in its tracks. Therapists at Melbourne Clinical Masseurs are best known for providing lymph drainage massage for the sinus to give relief from cold.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage inflammation

As per Dr Guyton, “All chronic pain, suffering and disease are caused by a lack of oxygen at the cell level”. There’s been a lot of talk about toxins in the human body that cause inflammation. To explain how toxins can create inflammation, consider the following.

The bloodstream in the human body is on the top level, followed by capillaries. Underneath, the human body has cells which are in countless numbers. The lymphatic system cross through the cells, which works as a sewer system of the human body to remove the dead cells and toxins. The bloodstream brings oxygen nutrition to feed trillions of body cells. This oxygen is critical for survival, and without it, the human body will collapse.

In case your body feels inflammation, it pushes the cells away, which makes communication among cells very hard. When the human body feels too much inflammation, the blood can’t supply oxygen, and the lymphatic system can’t drain the dead cells. Bloodstream is 91% of water while there are three proteins in it, including

  • Albumin
  • Globulin
  • Fibrinogen

These proteins have a high attraction to water. During body inflammation, these proteins have seeped out, and the lymphatic system wasn’t able to pick them up and remove them out of there. These proteins pull water into the body cells, wipe out oxygen and cause inflammation. Here the only way to get rid of inflammation is to activate the lymphatic system.

Increasing the nitric oxide by three times and oxygen frequency by one quarter is a way to activate the lymphatic system. Further, this increase also opens up the capillaries and gets the blood circulating properly. All of this helps disperse the toxin or dead cells much more quickly and activates white blood cells.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Swollen Legs

The lymphatic system is the purification system of the body and works to remove dead cells, toxins and poisons from the body. Further, the system helps heal and work the way it is supposed to. It offers immune system support, pain relief, bloating and fluid retention reduction, and tissue clearing. The Sookie bed is crucial for lymph drainage massage Melbourne for swollen legs where the patient slide down for half an hour.

We have Chi Machine, which is known for providing lymphatic massage. The chi machine dates back to 1988, when a Japanese engineer made it.

Clinical Trials of Chi Machine

In June 2000, the HTE from Japan entered into a contract to perform and observe clinical trials on lymphedema and edema of the legs. The results revealed that the leg volume was reduced and improvements in the fluid circulation.

The following are some of the most popular features provided by Chi Machines:

  • Provides lymphatic massage, which eliminates toxins from the body, develops perfect spinal alignment and corrects bad posture
  • Increased blood circulation, blood cell formation, and bone marrow activity
  • More oxygen in the lungs increases energy, activity, ability, and mental focus
  • Pain is relieved by lowering nerve sensitivity and muscle fatigue
  • By fine-tuning the autonomic nervous system, it improves sleepiness, gastrointestinal troubles, and constipation.

Difference between Normal Massage and Lymphatic Massage Melbourne

Lymphatic massage Melbourne differs from regular massage in that it is used to help enhance the flow of lymph fluids in the areas where the individual is suffering. When massaging the sites, a particular method is employed to protect the skin and assist the outflow of the accumulated lymph fluids. Instead of the firm pressure of a deep tissue massage, light pressure is provided to the places where the lymph is to be transferred, and the massage therapist softly works the lymph out of the afflicted areas. The lymphatic drainage massage technique differs from regular massage; therefore, use caution when attempting to execute it yourself.

Lymphatic drainage massage is an excellent therapy to augment any other treatments you are already utilizing to alleviate lymphedema symptoms. It may be done at home or in a professional environment and requires nothing more than your hands and a basic understanding of the lymphatic system. Though there are massage therapists who specialize in the correct ways to do the treatment, you may find that you can get enough relief from a self-massage. If you choose to do the drainage massage yourself, it’s important to find out the correct method of massage.

Lighter pressure is applied to the lymph vessels during manual drainage massage to force the gathered fluids out of the places where they are gathering. A therapist who is certified in manual drainage massage will be able to do the massage effectively. Using the proper amount of pressure is critical because too much pressure can impair the efficacy of the lymph capillaries through which the fluid is being moved. If you have not been educated on the proper form of massage, you should seek out a massage therapist who has been certified in the correct approach.

First, apply gentle pressure to the places where you want the lymph to migrate. Preparing the regions will allow the gathered fluids to drain more easily. The afflicted areas are then gently massaged in a circular motion to encourage the passage of lymph fluids out of the body. When done properly, the fluid should be evacuated from the damaged regions to the new vessels, alleviating some of the symptoms of lymphedema.

Consult the Best Masseurs for Lymphatic Drainage Massage Melbourne

If you are presently solely utilizing wraps or bandages to treat your lymphedema, lymphatic drainage massage Melbourne is an excellent option to investigate the body condition.

So, it can be mixed with other procedures since it is a gentle approach to clearing fluid from afflicted regions. The wraps and bandages are momentarily removed to allow for the massage, and then they are reinstalled. Consult Melbourne Clinical Masseurs about utilizing massage as an adjunct to other forms of treatment.