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Trigger Point Therapy

What is Trigger Point Therapy?

Trigger Point Therapy is a generally accepted form of treatment in physical therapy and massage. Doctors often rely on injections to relieve trigger points, physical therapists are more likely to use the spray and stretch method while massage therapists utilize thumbs, elbows and fingers to effectively alleviate trigger points.

Trigger points are located by touch. Generally, trigger points are located within taut bands of muscle tissue that snaps back when stroked, much like a guitar string. The trigger point is tender when touched and elicits referred pain in a predictable pattern.

A simple definition of a trigger point is that it is a palpable, sensitive localized structure, within soft tissues, which is sending aberrant, noxious, neurological impulses to a different site and which, on pressure, refers symptoms usually involving pain, but with other symptoms possible to this predictable target area. The major locations of these self-perpetuating trigger points are often close to the origins and insertions of muscles.

The release of trigger points will lessen your pain. You will notice less tension in muscles, improved function of muscles, improved posture and flexibility and a correction of faulty mechanics that underlie recurring sports and spinal injuries.

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